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Alain, Jehan
(1911 – 1940)
Messe modale en septuor for soprano(s), alto(s), flute and string quartet
Albrecht, Alexander
(1885 – 1958)

Andante amoroso for string trio

Der Verdammte (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa)

Friedhofsgras (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

In der Winternacht (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

Lenz (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

Mein Herz (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

Piano Quintet for piano and string quartet

Quintetto frammento for flute, clarinet, oboe and piano [CD]

Reue (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

Scherzo for string orchestra

Sonatina for 11 instruments [CD]

Amberg, Johan
(1846 – 1928)
Suite for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano
Auric, Georges
(1899 – 1983)
Malborough s’en va-t-en guerre. Suite for 6 instruments [CD]

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Bachratá, Petra

Bagatelle for piano

Eyes Wide Shut for ensemble [CD]

Frozen Colors for ensemble

Somewhere… Where the Rainbow Ends for ensemble

Bartók, Béla
(1881 – 1945)

Contrasts, Sz. 111 for violin, clarinet and piano

Falun (Village Scenes), Sz. 79 for 4 or 8 female voices
and chamber orchestra

Piano Sonata, Sz. 80

Bauckholt, Carola
Treibstoff for ensemble
Bázlik, Igor
Cheerful Mood for flute and piano
Bázlik, Miro

Canonical Variations on a Chorale for string quartet, bass-baritone and harpsichord [CD]

Three Pieces for 14 instruments

Five Songs on Chinese Poetry for alto, flute, cello and piano

Berg, Alban
(1985 – 1935)
Adagio (from Kammerkonzert) for clarinet, violin and piano
Berger, Roman

Ex abrupto for flute and piano

Five Studies for piano

Korczak in Memoriam for mezzo-soprano, flute, organ, timpani and string quartet

Korczak in Memoriam-Fragments for string quartet

Oblúk (Arc) for piano 

Requiem da camera for violin, cello and piano

Spevy Douvy (Chants of Douva) for soprano and piano

Semplice for piano

Soft November Music for piano

Sonata 1960 for piano

Sonata No. 3 “da camera” in memoriam Frico Kafenda for piano

Tenebrae for bass and chamber ensemble [CD]

Trio for wind instruments

Berio, Luciano
(1925 – 2003)

Folk Songs for mezzo-soprano and 7 instruments

O King for mezzo-soprano and 5 players [CD]

Sequenza I for flute

Sequenza IV for piano

Sequenza IX for clarinet

Sequenza X for trumpet in C and piano resonance

Wasserklavier for two pianos

Betko, Miloš

Intra/Extra, Op. 41 for piano

Tiers, Op. 46 for 7 instruments

Bizoň, Pavol

Noneto, no nie to for ensemble

Prelude and Fugue in F sharp major for piano

Bloland, Per
“…walk now and then into the breath that blows coldly past…” for flute and percussion
Bochikhina, Olga
Koru kari for ensemble
Bodnár, Norbert

Hommage à B. Bartók for flute and piano

Sunday Fracture for piano

Bognár, Zoltán
Piece I. for piano [CD]
Bokes, Vladimír

Albrecht Suite for piano [CD]

Apostrophes for piano

Coll’Age, Op. 28 for piano quintet [CD]

Concertino, Op. 88 for cello and ensemble

Departures, Op. 95 Six songs for bass and chamber
ensemble on the poems by S. D. Šimko for bass and chamber ensemble [CD]

Two Canons for violin, clarinet in B flat and fagot

Fragments for ensemble

Fugue, Op. 87 for 7 instruments

Musique triste, Op. 68 for string trio

Pater Noster, Op. 56a for bassbaritone and trumpet

PF 2007, Op. 81 for piano

Pièce 1 for piano

Prague trio, Op. 77 for flute, oboe and clarinet 

Postlude to Centenary of Eugen Suchoň, Op. 84 [CD]

Sextet for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, viola and cello

Sonata for Piano No. 5, Op. 79 [CD]

Sonata, Op. 27 for violin (clarinet) and piano [CD]

Sonata, Op. 52 for viola and piano

Sonatina, Op. 82 for viola and piano

Sonatina, Op. 82b for bass flute

Sonata, Op. 34 for cello and piano

String Trio for two violins and cello

Three Piano Pieces

Waltz in D major [CD]

Boroš, Tomáš

The Golden Gate is Open  for 7 instruments

Borzík, Lukáš

Aphorisms for 7 instruments discography [CD]

Cantico delle Creature for 4 singers or mixed choir and chamber ensemble [CD]

Eb-q-war-I-raw-q-se for piano 

Eclipse for 4 voices and ensemble [CD]

Hvalospjev ljubavi for voice and 3 instruments discography [CD]

Stabat Mater for bass and ensemble [CD]

Waiting for Górecki for ensemble discography

Boulez, Pierre
(1925 – 2016)

Dérive 1 for 6 instruments

Bremner, David
Out here on Cottage Grove it matters for viola, cello, double bass and percussion
Britten, Benjamin
(1913 – 1976)

Phantasy, Op. 2 for oboe and string trio in F minor

Sinfonietta, Op. 1 for 10 instruments

Buffa, Ivan

Act for 2 pianos

Aria for bass flute

Caprice for violin [CD]

…Impulses…Echoes…Dreams… for piano duet [CD]

…From Inside… for piano

Locatelli-Caprice for violin solo and chamber ensemble [CD]

Melody for Roman Berger for traverso, recorder, baroque violin and baroque cello

Morceau de fantaisie for piano and tape

Morceau de fantaisie II for piano duet and tape

Morceau de fantaisie IIb for two pianos and tape

Nineteen-Eighty-Four for ensemble

Organismi for mezzo – soprano, chamber ensemble and orchestra

Organismo for ensemble

Perpetum nobile for clarinet and piano

Quasars for viola and piano

Quasars for viola solo and ensemble

Rebirth for ensemble

String Quartet

Tandem for flute and clarinet

Trio for flute, clarinet and cello

Burlas, Martin
Strach (Fear) for ensemble

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Casella, Alfredo
(1883 – 1947)
Pupazzetti Op. 27c for ensemble [CD]

Marcel Chyrzyński


Reflection No. 4 for flute, clarinet, cello, percussion and piano
Copland, Aron
(1900 – 1990)
Appalachian Spring, suite for 13 players

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Debussy, Claude
(1862 – 1918)

Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (arr. for chamber ensemble by A. Schönberg, B. Sachs) [CD]

Syrinx for flute

Demoč, Adrián

Katharsis for cello

Viazane (Legatissimo) for piano

Dutilleux, Henri
(1916 – 2013)
Figures de Resonances for two pianos

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Enesco, Georges
(1881 – 1955)
Chamber Symphony, Op. 33 for 8 instruments

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Falla, Manuel de
(1876 – 1946)
Concerto for harpsichord and 5 instruments
Feldman, Morton
(1926 – 1987)
Two Pieces for Two Pianos
Ferenczy, Oto
(1921 – 2000)
Concertino for 10 instruments
Françaix, Jean
(1912 – 1997)
Trio for violin, viola and violoncello
Francesconi, Luca

Insieme  for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

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Godár, Vladimír

Cycle for flute

Emmeleia for piano [CD]

Four Serious Songs for low voice and piano

Lullabies for female voice and string quartet

Lullabies of Jan Skácel for voice and piano trio

Ricercar for 4 instruments

Deploration sur la mort de Witold Lutosławski for piano quintet

Trigram for piano [CD]

Grešák, Jozef
(1907 – 1987)
Morceau II for violin and piano
Grisey, Gérard
(1946 – 1998)
Vortex Temporum I, II, III for 6 instruments

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Haás, Matej
žba for piano
Hatrík, Juraj
Remiscenza for harp
Hemerka, Oldřich
(1862 – 1946)

Dithyrambus (arr. for chamber ensemble by I. Buffa)

Sphärenmusik for string quartet

Hindemith, Paul
(1895 – 1963)

Kammermusik No. 1, Op. 24 for 12 solo instruments [CD]

Kammermusik No. 3, Op. 36 No. 2 for cello solo and 10 instruments

Sonata for english horn and piano

Holoubek, Ladislav
(1913 – 1994)
Trio for flute, violin and harp
Hosokawa, Toshio

Drawing for 8 players

Elegy for violin

Fragmente II for alto flute and string quartet

Lied II for viola and piano

Nacht Klänge for piano solo

Stunden-Blumen for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

The Raven, Monodrama for mezzo-soprano and 12 players

Hrušovský, Ivan
(1927 – 2001)

Combinazioni sonoriche for 9 instruments

Elegy in memoriam Milan Šimečka for speaker and string sextet

Septetino for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, and cello

Honegger, Arthur
(1892 – 1955)
Rhapsodie for 2 flutes, clarinet and piano
Hurel, Philippe
Figures Libres for 8 instruments

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d’Indy, Vincent
(1851 – 1931)
Suite in Olden Style, Op. 24 for trumpet, 2 flutes & string quintet in D major
Irshai, Evgeny

Before Leaving for ensemble

4.48 Kyrie eleison for soprano and ensemble

Ives, Charles
(1874 – 1954)

The Unanswered Question for ensemble

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Janárčeková, Viera

Double Concerto for clarinet and accordion with strings and percussion

Dotyk (Touch) for string ensemble

Narratorium for 7 instruments

Noneto for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, 2 violins, cello and percussion

Quintessences for bass flute and strings

Spievanky, spievanky (Songs, Songs) for mezzo-soprano an flute [CD]

Splitter-Nackt (Fragment – Naked) for piano and tape [CD]

Tajuplná bárka (Mysterious Boat) for mezzo-soprano and cello

Jaro Jr., Anton

A due? for 2 flutes

Aporia for horn, cello and harp

Jarrell, Michael

Assonance III for bass clarinet, cello and piano

Assonance VI for ensemble (octet) [CD]

…Nachlese… for soprano and string quartet

Joplin, Scott
(1867 – 1917)
Palm Leaf Rag (arr. for chamber ensemble by Robert Recker)

Gladiolus Rag
(arr. for chamber ensemble by Robert Recker)

Scott Joplin’s New Rag
(arr. for chamber ensemble by Robert Recker)

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Kabeláč, Miloslav
(1908 – 1979)
Six Lullabies for alto solo, little female choir and instrumental ensemble
Kmiťová, Jana

Flauto Memory for recorder and piano

Kamea for 6 instruments

Naklonené roviny (Inclined Planes) for piano duet

Pavor nocturnus for ensemble

White Bridge for piano

Kolkovič, Jozef

Elegy for ensemble

Ostinato for piano

Kolman, Peter
Three Piano Pieces in memoriam Arnold Schönberg
Koňakovská, Lucia

Departing for voice and flute [CD]

Verses for piano

Kopelent, Marek

Agnus Dei for soprano and ensemble

Bloudivý sen for mezzo-soprano and piano

Furiant for piano trio

Stilleben for ensemble

Krauze Zykmunt
Aus Aller Welt Stammende for 10 strings
Křenek, Ernst
(1900 – 1991)
Trio, Op. 108 for violin, clarinet, and piano
Kurtág, György
Signs, Games and Messages 

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Lee, Jae-moon
Rain falling on Stained glass / Stained glass falling on Rain… for flute, clarinet, bassoon, harp, violin and cello
Lejava, Marián

Fragment II (Variations) for piano (with 3 pedals + 2 glass objects)

Langsamer Satz for string trio

Lim, Liza

The Heart´s Ear for flute/piccolo, clarinet ,two violins, viola and cello

Lourie, Arthur
(1892 – 1966)
Pastorale de la Volga for oboe, bassoon, 2 violas and cello
Lutosławski, Witold
(1913 – 1994)

Bucolics for viola and cello

Dance Preludes for 9 instruments

Straw Chain and other children pieces for voices and wind instruments

String quartet

M up_icon_small

Mahler, Gustav
(1860 – 1911)

Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of Wayfarer) (arr. for voice and chamber ensemble by A. Schönberg) [CD]

Das Lied von der Erde (The Song of the Earth) (arr. for two voices and chamber ensemble by A. Schönberg and R. Riehn)

Piano Quartet

Machajdík, Peter

Inner Collection for cello solo and ensemble

Obscured Temtations for piano

Schells for harp

Malovec Jozef
(1933 – 1998)

Epitaph for viola and piano

Two Pieces for ensemble

Mantovani, Bruno
Si près, si loin (d’une fantaisie) for 2 pianos and 2 ensembles
Martinček, Dušan
(1936 – 2006)

Concertino for flute and piano

Sonata No. 8 for piano

Coexistences for string quintet

Martinček van Grob, Peter
“Beyond The Sky“ II. for clarinet and string trio
Martinů, Bohuslav
(1890 – 1959)
Kitchen Revue H. 161. Suite for 6 instruments [CD]
Milhaud, Darius
(1892 – 1974)

Chamber Symphony No. 1, Spring, Op. 43 for piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, and string quartet

Chamber Symphony No. 2, Pastorale“, Op. 49 for flute, english horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass

Chamber Symphony No. 3, Serenade“, Op. 71 for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, bass

Sonata, Op. 147 for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano

Milakovič, Boško

A Bao A Qu for piano, viola and cello

MoNaMi for piano

Opera (per) Buffa for piano [CD]

51 for 7 instruments

Moore, Christopher Trebue
Dementia Praecox for ensemble
Moyzes, Alexander
(1906 – 1984)

Vest-Pocket Suite for violin and piano

Divertimento, Op. 11 (arr. for chamber ensemble by I. Buffa) [CD]

Murail, Tristan

Feuilles à travers les cloches for flute, violin, cello, and piano

La Barque Mystique for 5 instruments

Territoires de l’oubli for piano

Unanswered Question for flute

N up_icon_small

Nepelski, Karol 
Trio zapomnianych zmysłów (Trio of Forgotten Senses) for flute, violin, and specially prepared piano
Nistico, Cinzia
Tussen for ensemble

O up_icon_small

Oliveira, João Pedro
Pyramids for 2 pianos [CD]

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Papanetzová, Lucia

Zahir for ensemble

Chamber Symphony for ensemble

Penderecki, Krzysztof
Three Miniatures for clarinet and piano
Parík, Ivan
(1936 – 2005)

Meditation for viola and piano

Music for Three for flute, oboe and clarinet

Seen Close Over The See for recitator and ensemble

Sonata for flute [CD]

Sonata for oboe [CD]

Sonata for clarinet [CD]

Sonata for bassoon [CD]

Sonata for trumpet [CD]

Sonata for piano [CD]

Sonata for violin [CD]

Sonata for viola [CD]

Sonata for cello [CD]

Sonata-canon for cello and tape [CD]

Two Songs On Texts of Old Japan Poets for soprano and 6 instruments

Peiko, Nikolai

(1916 – 1995)

Dezimet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violin, viola, cello, bass

Podprocký, Jozef

Concertino, Op. 11 for violin and string orchestra

Divertimento, Op. 45 for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Fantasia II. On the sequenza „Victimae paschali“, Op. 63

Interlude Capricious, Op. 56 for chamber ensemble

Passacaglia piccola, Op. 51  for piano

Polka, Op. 1 No. 1c (arr. for chamber ensemble by I. Buffa)

Sonata, Op. 4 for piano [CD]

String Quartet No. 6 “Metamorphoses“, Op. 62

Two Meditations, Op. 25a for oboe, clarinet and string quartet

Popov, Gavriil
(1904 – 1972)
Chamber Symphony (Septet), Op. 2 for flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello and double bass
Poulenc, Francis
(1899 – 1963)
Rapsodie Nègre, Op. 1 for flute, clarinet, string quartet, piano and low voice [CD]
Pristáš, Stanislav Scherzo for clarinet

R up_icon_small

Rappoport, Oliver
Reflejos del silentio for ensemble
Ravel, Maurice
(1875 – 1937)

Introduction and Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet and string quartet

Tzigane (arr. for violin and chamber ensemble by I. Buffa)

Three Poems by Stéphane Mallarmé for voice and chamber ensemble

The Chansons madécasses (Madagascar Songs) for voice, flute, cello and piano

Reger, Max
(1873 – 1916)
Serenade, Op.141a for flute, violin and viola
Remeň, Daniel
ESta una Bella for piano
Roslawez, Nikolai
(1881 – 1944)
Nocturne for oboe, 2 violas, cello and harp
Roussel, Albert
(1869 – 1937)
Trio, Op. 40 for flute, viola, and cello

S up_icon_small


Aer for ensemble and live electronics

Lichtbogen for 9 musicians and live electronics

Tempest Songbook for soprano, baritone and chamber ensemble

Terra memoria for string quartet

Terrestre for solo flute and chamber ensemble

Sombre for voice and ensemble

Saint-Saëns, Camille
(1835 – 1921)
The Carnival of the Animals for 2 pianos 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, glass harmonica and xylophone
Salva, Tadeáš
(1937 -1995)

Canti lineae, op. 5 for flute, trumpet, horn, bassoon, piano, violin, viola and cello

Saunders, Rebecca

Stirrings Still II for ensemble

Sciarrino, Salvatore
Quintettino No. 1 for clarinet and string quartet [CD]
Schnittke, Alfred
(1934 – 1998)

Dialog for cello and 7 instruments

Five Aphorisms for piano

Piano Quintet

Sonata No. 3 for piano

Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano

Sonata No. 2 “Quasi una sonata” for violin and piano

Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano

Sonata No. 1 for cello and piano

Suite in the Old Style for violin and piano

Stille Nacht for violin and piano

Schostakovich, Dmitry
(1906 – 1975)
Sonata, Op. 147 for viola and piano, 
Schönberg, Arnold
(1874 – 1951)

5 pieces, Op. 23 for piano

Chamber Symphony No. 1 in E Major, Op. 9 for 15 solo instruments [CD]

Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21, melodrama for voice and 5 instruments

Sixta, Jozef
(1940 – 2007)

Nonet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola and cello

Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano

Sørensen, Bent

The Weeping White Room for ensemble

The Lady and the Lark for viola and ensemble [CD]

Gondole for string trio

Slavický, Milan
(1947 – 2009)

Invocation IV for violin, clarinet and piano

Variations on a silent chord for piano

Sloboda, Matej

Absurde Märchen on texts of  Daniil Charms for flute, clarinet, harp, percussions, violin, viola and cello

Steinecker, Anton
Spomienky (Memories) for percussion
Stravinsky, Igor
(1882 – 1971)

Three pieces for string quartet

The Soldier’s Tale for 3 actors, 1 or more dancers, and 7 instruments

Suite from Histoire du soldat for violin, clarinet, and piano

Pribautki for medium voice and 8 instruments

Rag-time for 11 instruments

The Fox, burlesque tale sung and played, for 2 tenors, 2 basses, and chamber ensemble

Three Songs from W. Shakespeare for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet and viola

Three Japanese Lyrics for high voice and ensemble

Szeghy, Iris
Meadow Song for soprano and one melodic instrument [CD]

T up_icon_small

Tansman, Alexandre
(1897 – 1986)
Septet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, viola and cello [CD]
Thomalla, Hans
Stücke Charakter for 6 instruments

V up_icon_small

Vajó, Juraj

…for cimbalom and 9 instruments

… for Piano Four Hands 

Mantra for piano quintet

Meditation for flute and piano

Variations for piano

Vaňhal, Jan Křtitel (Johann Baptist)
(1739 – 1813)
Trio, Op. 20 No. 5 for clarinet, violin and piano
Varése, Edgard
(1883 – 1965)
Density 21.5 for flute
Vilec, Michal
(1902 – 1979)
Septet, Op. 36 for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello and piano
Villa-Lobos, Heitor
(1887 – 1959)

Assobio a Jato (‚The Jet Whistle‘) for flute and cello

Chôros No. 7 for flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone (alto), bassoon, violin and cello [CD]

Volkonsky, Andrei
(1933 – 2008)

Mirror Suite for soprano, flute, guitar, tambourine and organo piccolo

Sonata for viola and piano

W up_icon_small

Wagner, Richard
(1813 – 1883)
Siegfried-Idyll for 13 instruments
Waxman, Franz
(1906 – 1967)
Carmen Fantasie (arr. for violin and ensemble by I. Buffa)
Webern, Anton
(1883 – 1945)

Konzert, Op. 24 for 9 instruments

Variationen, Op. 27 for piano

Satz for string trio, op. posth.

X up_icon_small

Xenakis, Iannis
(1922 – 2001)
Charisma for clarinet and cello

Y up_icon_small

Yun, Isang
(1917 – 1995)
Etudes for flute

Z up_icon_small

Zach, Ján

Interludio for piano

Sectio Aurea for 7 instruments

Zagar, Peter
Quintet for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano
Zavarský, Marián
Talking to the Silver God for flute
Zeljenka, Ilja
(1932 – 2007)

Galgenlieder for soprano and 7 instruments

Metamorphoses XV. for speaker and 9 instruments

Piano Quintet No. 2 for clarinet, violin, viola, cello and piano

Seven Compositional Studies for small orchestra

Three Words for bass solo, bongo, flute, marimba and cello [CD]